Viga 150000 Spray In Pakistan |

Viga 150000 Spray In Pakistan

Description. Super Viga 150000 (Delay Spray with Extra Vitamin E) desensitises the P-nis when sprayed to the head and works within 5 minutes of being sprayed. Once used you can have s-x for up to 10 times longer than previously.
According to its manufacturer, Hims Climax Delay Spray may help increase the time before a man reaches climax by 64%. The product contains lidocaine to reduce sensitivity without numbing. The FDA approves the use of lidocaine for delaying ejaculation.

1. Apply head of the penis 20 minutes before intercourse.

  1. 100% Genuine Product.
  2. Contains Vitamin E.
  3. Delay Spray.
  4. 45 ML.
  5. Helps In Boost Sexual Performance.
  6. No Side Effects.
  7. Only For External Use.
The active ingredient in Promescent is lidocaine, which is generally considered safe . A person using lidocaine products for premature ejaculation should not exceed 10 sprays per use or use more than 20 sprays in 24 hours. Spray twice to head of p-nis, and wait for 5 minutes then you are ready for action. If you feel a tingling sensation after spraying just ignore this as it will subside within a minute. Alternatively you can spray onto the palm of your hand and massage


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Viga 150000 Spray In Pakistan

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