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There are lots of types of silicon latex condoms available in the market today and which one is best for you? Well, we have tested thousands of different brands before coming up with this article to give you a clear cut on which silicone rubber latex condoms will be best to use for you.

What Is a Silicone Condom?

silicone latex model. Some models come with integrated batteries that can charge USB devices such as phones in case someone gets infected with HIV or Others including an alarm system and a built-in GPS device so that you can find your phone after touching it. We often feel good about our smartphones when we put them inside these silicone models, it’s almost like our body knows they are there for us if need be.

Silicone Condom Price In Pakistan 1500 /-PKR With Delivery

silicone latex model that contains just 60% water and 40% air, giving you room for breathability and moisture control. This particular silicone model has a thin waistband for extra comfort. It comes with two layers of silicone latex so that you can even insert condoms into it. Our favorite silicone model is from That model is made out of silicone latex, rubber latex, fiberglass casing, and a battery pouch in the back. These items make sure to keep them safe and keep your health intact. However, this model doesn’t look appealing. But, these types can save your precious money in the long run while protecting you from

How To Use Silicone Condom

There are many types of silicone latex condoms available on the market, but we hope this guide gives you an overview of how to choose the one. We are always looking forward to hearing your opinions on these models so stay tuned with us for future articles on all things sex. So, here is the link to get the list of silicone latex models.

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